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Improvements for You by You!

by Kelleen Maluski on 2023-01-18T11:30:00-07:00 | 0 Comments

In the spring of 2022 we reached out to the HSC student community to ask you what you wanted or needed from your library. 16 students ended up participating in focus groups to answer questions related to access to resources, inclusion, and accessibility. From this feedback we were able to make changes to spaces and services at the Health Sciences Library. Changes that were made include updates to your individual study rooms, an expansion of the Wellness Room, and even adding a kettle to the 3rd floor group study lounge. To learn more about these updates and/or to add your feedback to the mix check out the display on the second floor of the library.

Want to answer some of the questions but don’t have time to come to the library? You can utilize our Online Feedback Form. Questions asked of participants were:

  • How do you find the resources that help you with your academic career? Please supply specifics and elaborate .

    • How do you receive information on resources available to you?

      • Not making library specific helps us to engage with channels we might not be aware of 

      • This can pertain to social media, etc. but also other ways of encountering assistance. Follow up question to help students expand on this if need be.

  • Could you describe your ideal environment for conducting school work? (examples: Homework, studying, group projects) What does the space have? What are the conditions that you envision, what does the space provide for you? 

    • Are there any spaces like that on campus?

  • When doing work online what frustrates you and what do you find to be useful? Note: This does not need to be specific to the library’s website. 

    • What tools do you use the most? How do you prefer to access resources?

      • What we’re getting at: Tools? Services? Access?

  • Have you ever encountered issues where you could not access the resources you needed? This can be due to any issues but can include lack of accessibility, not having the materials in the format you prefer to use, access to technology etc. 

  • Have you ever had an experience where you felt reluctant to ask for assistance or to get clarification on resources? Please supply specifics and elaborate. 

  • When getting communications from the campus how do you prefer to receive information?

  • Are there any resources/spaces that you wish the campus had?

  • Have you utilized the library’s free menstrual products? How many times in a given week do you use the menstrual products? What products do you prefer? Do you have any suggestions to improve the service? 


Photo of an individual study room with green wall, desk, lamp, and nature photo on the wallPhoto of an individual study room with purple wall, desk, lamp, and nature photo on the wall

Photos of the updated individual study rooms with moveable desks and dimmable lights.



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