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Our First Bullet Journaling Event and Changes to Come!

by Kelleen Maluski on 2019-10-03T11:56:00-06:00 | Comments

Picture of people working on their bullet journals
Image taken by Lynn M. Lessard

We had a terrific time at our first ever Bullet Journaling event! It was really wonderful to meet so many students and employees of UNM and hear your needs for moving forward with work, research, writing, and school work.This was our first time offering an event like this and your participation has shown a need and your honest feedback has helped us to see where we can improve.

This event was initially envisioned as a drop-in-and-out session as a follow up to our Managing Impostor Syndrome workshop (where we discussed what impostor syndrome was, how it impacts your work, and how different techniques can help to manage it) where people could work on their bullet journals or download habit-tracking applications and ask one-on-one questions while they worked. However, two main comments came out that showed us we need to rethink this structure. Most attendees indicated that they would have preferred a workshop about bullet journaling and some others indicated an environment for group support would be useful. This was great to hear and we are so glad you shared this with us.

Moving forward we will be changing the structure in the spring 2020 semester. This new structure will start with an Introduction to Bullet Journaling and Habit-Tracking workshop that will cover what bullet journaling and habit-tracking are, how you can implement them into your workflow, resources for inspiration, and an expansive review of how these techniques can help with various concerns. Since everyone has different needs though, the workshop will then be followed by monthly sessions that will be based around a specific theme (like “bullet journaling/habit-tracking for research” or “bullet journaling/habit-tracking for managing impostor syndrome”) and will include a quick lecture, time to implement the theme into your bullet journaling/habit-tracking, and group discussion of what was done. So be on the lookout for information regarding our newly formatted workshop structure and thank you to all who attended and helped to show us what your needs and expectations are!

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