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Research Support Services for HSC

A guide for HSC researchers to learn about where to go for support, and how the library's services are embedded within the broader research lifecycle.

The Research Lifecycle

The Lifecycle represents all activities typically involved in a research project. The activities may be programmatic (scientific) or administrative in nature, or both. They begin with forming a hypothesis or research question, and conclude with final financial reports and scientific publications. In most cases, a new research project begins its Lifecycle based on a hypothesis or question developed from the results of a previous project.

plan/propose: develop hypothesis; select funding source; conduct literature search; sponsor requirements; recruit team; budget; facilities & resources; write proposal; submit proposal   setup: sponsor requirements; facilities & resources; financials; subawards; compliance requirements; records & documentation; methods; collaborations; data collection

closeout: financials; subawards; equipment; reporting; dissemination; data sharing; records retention   manage: financials; compliance requirements; facilities & resources; collect data; analyze data; subawards; award changes; reporting


With their permission, content from their pages has been replicated and modified here to serve the needs of our HSC research community.