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Understanding eTextbooks

Platform Restrictions

Below are charts listing the restrictions to ebook platforms.  Restrictions include the following:

  • If a title can be downloaded in its entirety
  • I an e-reader is required to download a full title
  • If chapters can be downloaded
  • If chapters can be printed
  • If a title can be read online

Unlimited Access Platform Restrictions

  Access Resources ClinicalKey LWW Health Libraries Books@OVID
Download Title No No No No
E-Reader Required for Full Download NA NA NA NA
Download Chapters Yes, save as PDF Yes, must create Elsevier account Yes, must create LWW account Yes
Print Chapters Yes, after download Yes, after download Yes, must create LWW account Yes
Read Online Yes Yes Yes Yes


Other Platform Restrictions

  Proquest EBSCO R2 Stat!Ref

Download Title

Depends on title Depends on title No No
E-Reader Required Adobe Digital Editions (destop) or Bluefire Reader (device) No, but must register for account NA NA
Download Chapters Yes Yes No Yes, save as PDF
Print Chapters Yes, with limitations Yes, with limitations No, can print page Yes
Read Online Yes Yes Yes Yes