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Understanding eTextbooks

User Models

  • Unlimited access - no restrictions as to how many people can use at one time
  • Concurrent/Non-Linear - based on uses and time accessed during the year. For example, a title could have 300 uses allowed within 365 days.  Use can be simultaneous or spread out over time.
  • 3U = 3 user, meaning 3 people can access simultaneously
  • 2U = 2 user, meaning 2 people can access simultaneously
  • 1U = 1 user, meaning only 1 person can access at a time

Unlimited Access Platforms

When possible, we recommend choosing an etextbook from one of the below platforms because there are the least amount of restrictions.

Books@Ovid - health sciences specialty ebooks

Other Platforms


  • Proquest & EBSCO - multidisciplinary collections that may have any user model
  • STAT!Ref & R2 (Rittenhouse) - health sciences ebook collections, most only allow 1 user 

Credit: Infographics & images by Freepik