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A major biomedical database that includes conference papers and extensive drug information

Types of Specialized Searches


Specialized Searches help you focus your search with prompts for using Emtree, the controlled vocabulary and suggestions for relevant subheadings.

Quick Search is the default and provides a template for ANDing and ORing terms with pull-down menus for selecting fields (e.g., all fields, author, title, etc.).

PICO provides a template (population, intervention, comparison, outcome) with links to Emtree, a controlled vocabulary.

PV Wizard (Pharmacovigilance Wizard) is a drug monitoring-focused search.

Medical device searches provide prompts for searches of adverse device effect, clinical trials, device comparison, and device economics.

An Advanced search lets you construct a complex search query with commonly used limits.

Drug, Disease, and Device options let your construct an advanced search with subject-specific options.

An Article search is useful for finding a specific article and an Author search helps identify an author’s full name and publications.

How To


A good place to start is with a Quick Search, which allows for keywords and also suggests terms from Emtree.


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