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About Covidence


Covidence is a systematic reviews production tool for title/abstract screening, full-text screening, data abstraction, and quality assessment. Covidence was designed by researchers familiar with the systematic review process in order to make conducting reviews more efficient. It is the primary screening and data extraction tool for Cochrane authors. 

Covidence streamlines the production of systematic reviews through:

  • Citation screening
  • Full text review
  • Risk of Bias assessment
  • Extraction of study characteristics and outcomes
  • Export of data and references

Key Features

  • Support for duplicated, independent processes, including at citation screening, full text review, Risk of Bias (RoB) and Data Extraction stages
  • Resolution of screening, RoB, and data extraction conflicts, and agreement on final consensus data
  • Import of citations from a range of reference managers and de-duplication of study citations (with manual override)
  • Storage of full text study reports
  • Automatic population of Risk of Bias tables with text selected in full text reports
  • Simple export of data

Learn about other tools for systematic reviews on the HSLIC Systematic Reviews Guide.

Creating A Covidence Account

If you have never used Covidence before, visit the  UNM Covidence Sign-Up page and enter your name and HSC or UNM email on the sign in page. You will then receive an email inviting you to Covidence. Follow the link in the email and click on "Create an Account." 

Please note: this email is to confirm your institutional affiliation, it is not confirmation of your account. You do not have an account until you complete the "Create an Account" process.

If you have already created an account with Covidence, you will need to link your account with our institutional access in order to create unlimited free reviews, there is no need to create a new account. Simply add your new email address to your existing account (go to 'Manage Profile' to do this) and make this your primary email address.  

Covidence encourages team work. It is possible to belong to multiple review teams and multiple organizational subscriptions simultaneously and on the same account. When you move on, you'll keep your access to the reviews you worked on previously (unless the review's owner decides to remove you from their project).

Visit the UNM Covidence Sign-Up page and enter your name and HSC or UNM email. You will receive an email inviting you to Covidence. Follow the link in the email and sign into your Covidence account. You should then be able to create unlimited reviews using your University of New Mexico access.

Once you have signed up under our institutional subscription, you can access Covidence directly by going to

Once you are logged in, try the demo review of Covidence to become more familiar with the layout and steps involved. To view a demo review, scroll to the bottom of your My Reviews screen.


Additional Covidence Information

If you would like to learn more on your own about Covidence, they have additional informational resources:

Covidence YouTube Channel with informational videos on how to accomplish review tasks in Covidence. 

Covidence Knowledge Base with FAQ articles on various review tasks and Covidence news and updates. 

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