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Beginning a New Review in Covidence

To begin a new review in Covidence, click on Create new review on the home page after signing in. 


My reviews menu


Covidence will then open a page where you can input the details of your new review. Make sure the radio button for UNM Institutional Access is selected.   


Editing Review Settings

Once you have created your review, you can use the Settings button to change your review title and the number of screeners required, add reviewers, and add inclusion/exclusion criteria and keywords.

settings button

Under the “Review settings” tab, you can change the title of your review and other information for your records.  You may also want to change the number of reviewers if you are working on this project alone. Keep in mind, systematic review guidelines require two reviewers for full, published systematic reviews. 

Once you have made your desired changes, remember to save your settings!

changing number of reviewers

If you would like to control which reviewers will be assigned to screen studies or resolve conflicts, you can do so under the Team Settings tab.

rules menu

Under the Criteria & exclusion reasons tab, you can create a list of inclusion and exclusion criteria for your title and abstract screening level. You can also manage your exclusion reasons, which will give you a customized drop-down list of exclusion criteria for use during the full text review level. 

exclusion reasons

You can also add keywords, which will tell Covidence to highlight certain words that could indicate inclusion or exclusion. 

keywords for exclusion


Remember to save changes!

Adding Reviewers

You can add reviewers when you first create your review, or you can add them later by going to the Settings menu.  You will need their first name and email address to send an invitation.  Your reviewers will need to accept the invitation in their email in order for the review to appear in their My Reviews list.

Reviewers do not need to be UNM affiliates, but only UNM affiliates can create new reviews under our institutional license. 

If you have been invited to serve as a reviewer on a Covidence project and would like to create new reviews, you will need to follow the steps for  creating a covidence account before you can create a new review.