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Community Engagement Toolkit

Designed for libraries to explore community engagement

Where to Learn More


If you are looking for academic literature on engagement and outreach, or would like to publish your own, seek out community-focused journals.




Seek literature written by community members and individuals who have worked with communities of interest. Think beyond books about engagement to literature about issues surrounding engagement, outreach, equality, and justice.



Social Media

While using social media as a tool for community engagement projects is one way to reach an audience, social media can also be a place to learn about community engagement trends, follow community leaders, and discover opportunities for collaboration and more.


  • Blogs, YouTube channels, and social media accounts for local advocacy organizations, community leaders or community centers.

Things to Consider

  • Consider sharing your own stories online, with appropriate permission from any involved partners.
  • Be cautious of following any private or personal accounts. When appropriate, introduce yourself.


About the Toolkit

This toolkit was originally created by NLM Fellow Allison Cruise in conjunction with the Office of Engagement & Training at the National Library of Medicine. Allison Cruise spent her 2nd Fellowship Year at UNM HSLIC.