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Nursing Resources: Nursing Theory

Nursing Theory Links

Searching for Nursing Theory & Theorists

Suggested databases to use:

CINAHL - Nursing and Allied Health

PubMed - Biomedical

PsycINFO - Psychology and behavioral health

Tips for searching in CINAHL:

Using the CINAHL Headings, do a broad subject search for Nursing Theory or Theoretical Nursing Models.

If you have a specific theory in mind, using the CINAHL Headings, select a specific model or theory such as Roy Adaptation Model or Watson's Theory of Caring.

Add a keyword to the search on your topic of interest. So if you are looking for articles on Orem's theory and patients with cancer, combine the CINAHL Headings of Orem Self-Care Model and Cancer Patients.

Do an author search for articles written by a specific theorist.

Nursing Theory Books

Videos of Nursing Theorists