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Anesthesiology: Useful Books for Anesthesiology

A Few Definitions

E-book: This is a book in electronic format. These can be accessed and read over the internet. In our catalog this is usually something that we get through a database or subscription service.

E-Journal: Similar to an e-book, only this is a journal in electronic form. Most of our subscriptions are of e-journals, and this is where the full text option in our databases comes from.

Bound periodicals: We have a few print subscriptitions, and we've had more in the past. We take these journals and bind them together into book covers and store them on our third floor, or in our offsite storage facility.

Journal Offsite Storage: The place we keep our oldest journals. To request these you click on the link in our catalog and fill out a brief request form. Within a few days they will be delivered to the Library information desk.

Indexes: How articles were located before electronic databases; available on the fourth floor of the Library.

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