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Zotero: PubMed

Use Zotero to collect, manage and cite your research resources, create collections for research projects, share your data with your collaborators, and generate bibliographies.

Adding Citations from PubMed - Step 1

  • Perform a search in PubMed.
  • Select the items you are interested in by clicking on the box to the left of the title. 
  • When you are finished selecting items, click on the Send To pull down menu and send the items to the Clipboard. 
  • Click on the number of items in the Clipboard to view your selected items. 
  • To send items to Zotero, click on the yellow folder icon on the far right side of the browser address bar. (This folder icon might also appear next to the Z on the browser taskbar.

Adding Citations from PubMed - Step 2

Select the citations you'd like to import to Zotero:

Adding Citations from PubMed - Step 3

Click OK and a pop-up in the bottom right corner of your browser will indicate that the citations you selected were added to Zotero.


Adding Citations Using Identifiers (PMID, DOI, ISBN...)

You can quickly add items to your library if you already know their ISBN, Digital Object Identifier (DOI), or PubMed ID. To add an item via one of these identifiers, click the “Add Item by Identifier” button () at the top of the center column of the Zotero pane, type or paste (use Ctrl V) in the identifier and press Enter.

Zotero uses the following databases for looking up item metadata:Library of Congress and WorldCat for ISBNs, CrossRef for DOIs, and NCBI PubMed for PubMed IDs. (Source: