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Zotero: Zotero Storage

Use Zotero to collect, manage and cite your research resources, create collections for research projects, share your data with your collaborators, and generate bibliographies.

How Much Storage Do I Get?

 300 MB Free Storage

 Login here to check your storage.

You can also click on Settings (top right) in your Zotero account to display how much storage you have left.

How can I see how many items I have in my Zotero library?

To see how many items you have, click an item in the middle column and Select All (Command-A on Mac OS X or Control-A on Windows). A count of selected items will appear in the right column.

To determine total items, including child attachments and notes, click an item and press the + (plus) key to expand all parent items before using Select All. You can press - (minus) afterward to collapse all items.


Need More Space? - Remove PDFs you don't need. Empty your trash folder (Items in Trash count against your storage total.)

How do I sign up for Zotero File Storage?

Simply visit your Zotero account profile and select a storage plan.

How do I pay for Zotero File Storage?

All major credit cards are accepted for payment.

Will files stored in my groups be freely available to other members of those groups?

Yes, any groups that you own will draw from your storage subscription. Any members of those groups may freely access any stored files.

How do I allocate storage between my personal library and my groups?

Your personal library and any groups you own automatically draw their storage from your subscription. Groups not owned by you draw their storage from the group owner's subscription.

 Click here for more information.

Zotero File Storage

Zotero File Storage is a cloud-based syncing and storage solution for PDFs, images, web snapshots, and any other files attached to your Zotero libraries. Zotero File Storage synchronizes the files in your personal Zotero library to all your computers, allows you to share the files in your group libraries, and makes files available through the website.

Each Zotero user is given 300 MB of free Zotero File Storage, with larger storage plans available for purchase. To check your current usage and/or sign up for additional storage, visit the storage settings of your Zotero account. You can then configure your storage settings through your Zotero client's Sync preferences.

Zotero File Storage services are provided by the Corporation for Digital Scholarship.

Storage Pricing

Zotero File Storage offers tiered pricing to accommodate a broad range of users.

Storage QuotaCost
300 MB Free
2 GB $20/year (equal to $1.67 per month)
6 GB $60/year (equal to $5 per month)
Unlimited 1) $120/year (equal to $10 per month)

In addition to these individual storage plans, we also offer institutional storage plans.

Using Zotero File Storage for Group Libraries

No additional fees are charged for collaboration. Closed public and private groups can use Zotero File Storage for file syncing as long as the group owner has storage space available and has opted to use Zotero File Storage for group files. Group file storage always draws from the storage account of the group owner.

More Information

Still have questions? See the storage FAQ.

1) We want people to be able to use Zotero without worrying about how much storage they're using. All Zotero usage is always subject to the Terms of Service and monitored for abuse. Zotero File Storage is not intended as a media backup solution nor as a generalized file-sharing service.

 (Source: - 06/19/2014)