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Zotero: Word Plugin

Use Zotero to collect, manage and cite your research resources, create collections for research projects, share your data with your collaborators, and generate bibliographies.

Insert / Edit Citations, Insert Bibliography and More

  To add, place your cursor in the desired citation location and click this button. To edit, place your cursor inside the relevant citation then click this button.

   To add a bibliography from your previously entered citations, place the cursor where you would like the bibliography to start and click this button. To edit your bibliography, click this button. A window with the citations in the bibliography listed will appear. Select the source you would like to edit, then use the space below it to add annotations and more. 

 Click this button to change the document's citation style. This will adjust the citations as well as the bibliography. TIP: This will only work for documents written using the Zotero Word plugin.

  Click this button to refresh the document after you have made changes, particularly with the Edit Bibliography function. TIP: Most changes occur immediately but just in case, click this button.

 Click this button ONLY if you are completely finished with your paper, as it will remove the codes Zotero uses to insert citations, create a bibliography from those citations, and change your document's citation style. Even so, it is advisable to save a copy with the codes as backup.

Word Processor Plugin

In order to take advantage of Zotero's ability to add/edit citations and add bibliographies, users have to install a Microsoft Word plugin.

Please click on these links for more information.

Installing Word Plugin

Word Processor Plugins

Inserting, Editing Citations

Video Tutorial

This tutorial from Loyola Marymount University Library shows how to use the Zotero plugin for Word.