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Consumer Health Information : For Libraries and Librarians

Patients are now asked to make decisions about their own disease process. Most patients do not have the tools to make these kinds of decisions. Shared decision making between patients and their health care providers is important to both.

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Evaluating Consumer Health Information Resources

Credentails:  What are the qualifications of the author(s)?

Reputation:  What do you know about the creator of the resources?

Currency:  How old is the information? 

Coverage:  Is the topic covered at a useful and appropriate level of detail? 

References:  What is the source of information? 

Does the author avoid technical terms and jargon?

Is there an index, table of contents, or other navigation tools?

Who pays for the resource?

Avoid resources that include testimonials, promote commercial products, advocate harmful treatments, quick fixes, and fads. 

(Evaluating Health Information --MedlinePlus)

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