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HSCLink - Outlook: Viewing a Delegated Inbox

This guide contains information on Outlook classes at HSLIC, FAQ, tip-sheets, and other training materials and opportunities.

Viewing a Delegated Inbox I.

Viewing a Delegated Inbox
Step 1
Open the client version of Outlook
Click on the “File” tab (top left) 
Click “Account Settings” then select “Account Settings…” from drop-down 

Step 2
Select the “E-mail” tab



Step 3
Select/Highlight your account

Step 4
Select "Change.."

Step 5
Select "More Settings" button (bottom right)


 STEP 6 Continue - Top of Next Column

Viewing a Delegated Inbox II.

Step 6
Click on "Advanced" tab

Step 7
Select the "Add" button

Step 8
Enter User Name and click OK

Step 9
Click “OK” to close the More Settings area.
Click “Next”, “Finish” & “Close”

Additional Training Materials (PDF)