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Course Reserves: Faculty

What Can Be Placed on Reserve?

The University of New Mexico Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center acknowledges and supports the appropriate use (i.e., reproduction, distribution, performance, and display) of copyrighted works and materials for teaching, scholarship, and research purposes consistent with the standards of fair use as enumerated in federal copyright law.

All faculty, instructors and other authorized personnel should be familiar with the fair use standard and are expected to adhere to federal copyright laws. It is essential that members of the University community make a diligent effort to stay within the bounds of copyright law.

The Library is unable to put course packs, photocopies of pages from workbooks, compilations of photocopied readings, complimentary copies of textbooks, or items requested from Interlibrary Loan on Reserve. Instructors may place compilations of their own lecture notes and examinations on Reserve, provided that they are the owners of the copyright for these materials. Materials will be placed on reserve only for the duration of the class. Materials will not be kept on Reserve for more than one semester without permission of the copyright holder.  Multiple copies can be placed on reserve if shelf space is available.

Course Reserves Release Forms

How to Place an Item on Reserve

Electronic Reserves

We have the ability to place licensed electronic resources such as ebooks and articles on reserve for courses using WorldCat.  To find out if we have access to an electronic resource, please take a look in WorldCat or fill out the Release Form and we will do the research.  If we do have access, we will include the link on the list of resources for your course.

If we do not have access to the resource through WorldCat, we can't place the resource on reserve.

Other Useful Information