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Finding Full Text

Find Full Text with CINAHL or other EBSCO Databases

search box with arrow pointing to databases

list of databases with arrow pointing to letter C

entry for Cinahl in database list


After selecting an EBSCO database, you will be presented with a search box. The name of the database is shown above the search box.

screenshot of Cinahl search screen with arrow

Below each item in your results list, you will be presented with options for obtaining the full text of the article. For example, the following result shows the options HTML Full Text or PDF Full Text. Clicking on either of these options will open the article within the database window.

screenshot of article from Cinahl database


These options will not appear under every article. When neither HTML or PDF Full Text are available, look for the UNM Find Article link to check the library's holdings through the HSLIC catalog.

screenshot of article from Cinahl database

When directed to the HSLIC catalog you will be presented with a link to 'View Full Text'.  Clicking on this link will take you to the article as it appears on the publisher's website. 

screenshot of article with arrows pointing to full text options


When Full Text is Hard to Find

If the full text is not easily accessible, it may be because:

  • The article is listed as "E-Pub Ahead of Print" or "In Processing". You can try the publisher link.
  • The article may be in a supplement.  Sometimes our subscription does not include them.  You can try checking access through multiple vendors.
  • The article may not be well indexed or the link may be broken.  You can try going to the individual database and searching specifically for the title of the article.  You may also need to search for the journal title, then year, volume, number, and then the article.
  • If you have trouble accessing something, please email


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