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Finding Full Text: FAQ

How can I get some help from a real person?

We offer support on resources from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. Call the library's main number (272-2311) or send an email to

Why am I have problems accessing resources?

If you have problems using a Web browser to access a resource, try using a different browser. Some databases work better with one browser than another.  For example, if you normally use Chrome, try using Firefox and see if the problem is resolved.  You can also try to clear the cookies, cache, or history from the browser. Another possible solution is to upgrade the version of the browser you are running. 

Why do I keep getting a message about cookies?

Remote access requires your browser to accept cookies. If you have turned off the use of cookies you may need to temporarily accept cookies. You can also specify which websites are allowed to use cookies by adding those websites in the browsers privacy settings, for example add,, and

Why am I having problems using Safari and Internet Explorer?

If you use Safari or Internet Explorer and have difficulty accessing some databases, try using Firefox or Chrome.

Why can't I access the online article that I want from an electronic journal?

If you have problems accessing some issues of an electronic journal, check the HSLIC catalog through WorldCat Discovery or the eJournal Search to verify that we have access to the years/issues you need. If it appears you should have access to the article, please contact the Library at 272-2311 or email us at

Why is a resource unavailable?

In some cases, we have a limited number of concurrent user licenses and they are already in use. Try back in a few minutes to see if a resource has become available.

You may wish to call to see if we are also experiencing problems with a resource from on-campus. If you have persistent problems accessing a resource, please call us at 272-2311 or by email to

Why am I receiving a message saying that information is invalid when I try to log in?

If your UNM NetID or HSC NetID does not validate, the following message is displayed, "**The information you entered was invalid, please try again.**" We have set up informational pages to assist you if you are unsure of your UNM IT NetID or HSC NetID information. Remember only current UNM student, faculty, staff, preceptors, and volunteer clinical associated with the UNM Albuquerque campus can use the services remotely.

Both UNM IT and HSC IT require passwords to be changed every 90 days. If you have not updated your NetID password you may need to change the password.