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Finding Full Text: PubMed

Find Full Text with PubMed

When you click on the title of an article in PubMed search results, a screen opens with the title, author(s), and abstract of the article. Look for the icons under "Full text links" in the upper right corner of your browser window.

PubMed article results page showing the full text icons in upper right of window

Full text icons - There are three types of icons that may be included in the full text links.

  1. Publisher icons (more than one of these could be present)
  2. UNM "Find Article" icon
  3. Open Access icons

IMPORTANT:  If HSLIC does not have a subscription to the journal where the article appears, you will not have access to full text. However, the journal website may ask you to pay for access to the article. HSLIC is not responsible for any purchases made via this method. For alternative access see: Interlibrary Loan.

Publisher Icon

Example of a publisher icon for Wiley Online LibraryThe publisher link will take you to the journal's website. Typically, it will direct you to the specific article. However, sometimes you will need to retype the article name in the journal's search bar. If full text access is not available, the publisher may ask you to purchase access. Try the other options below before you decide to purchase an article. HSLIC is not responsible for any purchases made.

UNM Icon

UNM "Find Article" iconThe UNM link directs you through the HSLIC site to see if full text access is available. If full text is available then you will click 'View Full Text' and be directed to the item. If there is not full text access then you will get a message that says 'We were unable to find direct full text links for this item.'

after clicking on UNM find article link - HSLIC displays multiple link for access to article and/or journal

Open Access Icons

Open access icons for Plos One and BioMed CentralOpen access links indicate journals where the contents are freely accessible to anyone without a subscription.


Icon for Free full text article in PubMed Central The Free in PubMed Central link indicates that the article is freely available in PMC.

When Full Text is Hard to Find

  • Watch out for articles that state they are 'E-Pub Ahead of Print' or 'In Processing.' (Try the publisher link and the 'Additional Resources' page, but this article will probably be unavailable.)
  • Supplements can be difficult to find. Sometimes our subscription to a journal will not include them. If we have access to the supplements, you will often have to track them manually from the 'Additional Resources' page, checking multiple providers.
  • Some items don’t index or link well, such as things we can only get exclusively through a particular database. For these you may have to go into the individual database and use its search tool to find the item.
  • If you have trouble accessing something, please email

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