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Finding Full Text: Sharing Full Text Links

Share Record Links to Articles in WorldCat Discovery

To share with someone else or to keep for your own records, follow these steps:

1. To locate the article, click on the WorldCat tab at (or use this direct link) and type in the article title in quotes.

HSLIC homepage with WorldCat search box selected.

2. Once you have located the article you want, click on the "Link" or "Email" button. The "Link" button allows you to copy the link and paste it where you need it. The "Email"  button allows you to send a link to an email of your choosing .

On the search results screen - two arrows, one pointing to the Link button and one pointing to the Email button.

3. If you chose "Email Record" you will be prompted to input an email address of your choosing.

Email Record pop-up window with box to input email address.

4. If you choose the option to "Record link," copy and paste the URL into your course guide, an email, or however you choose to distribute the link.

Share record link pop-up window with URL highlighted for copy.


If you need more help searching for articles in WorldCat or accessing articles from off-campus, please see our WorldCat Discovery Guide.

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