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PHRM 813: Aspects of Patient Care

Guide for Alexandra Herman's Aspects of Patient Care class. Follow the order of the pages to complete the class the week of March 30th & feel free to utilize afterwards as well.

How to Use This Guide

This guide is structured as a class. Follow the pages as numbered to complete the class. If you aren't able to make the class, have technical limitations, or want to review later you can go through the content at your own speed. This guide can also be used to refer back to as you complete the work for your course. Be sure to reach out to Kelleen with any questions.

Objectives for the Class & Guide

  1. Students will become familiar with the library resources, most significantly the librarians and how we can help them.
    • 1. Library Resources
  2. Students will understand research as an iterative process, with various search strategies and will be able to manage their searches and research. They will also understand how to keep track of their research.
    • 2. Starting My Search
    • 3. Continuing My Search
    • 4. Advancing My Search
    • 6. Saving & Keeping Track of Searches/Results
    • 7. Citing Your Sources
  3. Students will feel comfortable with analyzing and evaluating different types of resources, beginning to confront critical issues within research, such as who writes the prevalent narrative and how implicit bias and cultural norms are represented within said research.
    • 3. Continuing My Search
    • 4. Advancing My Search
    • 5. Evaluating Resources

Student Success & Engagement Librarian

Creative Commons

Feel free to make a copy or re-use this page as long as you credit UNM HSLIC.

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This guide was created by a Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center staff member and is licensed by the Health Science Library and Informatics Center of the University of New Mexico under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-Share Alike 4.0 International License.