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Booking an Appointment

Please follow the steps below if you are having trouble booking an appointment.

1. Click the "Schedule Appointment Button" on the home page. It is located in the "Availability" section of the page.


2. A pop-up window should display the available appointment times. This window should look similar to the image below. (Note: The page layout may vary depending on the device you are using.)


3. Look under the "Select Date" section to view which dates office hours are available. The dates with available sessions appear more visible on the calendar. Select the date that works best for you.


4. After selecting a date, you will see a list of available times under the "Select Time" section. Select the time that works best for you. Remember: Each appointment is set at a 30-minute interval.


5. After selecting a date and time, you will be taken to another page (shown below). On this page, you will need to provide your name, email address, department, status, and a brief note about what you wish to discuss. 


6. After filling out each section, click "Confirm Appointment." You will then receive an email with the Zoom link and any additional details about your meeting.

Student Success & Engagement Librarian