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3D Printing

This LibGuide lists resources to help you get started with 3D Printing at HSLIC.

Use Cases

On this page, you will find examples of items created on HSLIC's 3D printer.

Pharmacy Lab Equipment

Pipette holder printed from the HSLIC 3D printer



A pipette holder printed from HSLIC's 3D printer. Printed by Mohammad Razmjoo.

Smart Inhaler - 1st Prize at 2023 Pharmacy Research Day

Image of Mohammad Razmjoo's 2023 Research Day Poster


Image of Mohammad Razmjoo's 2023 College of Pharmacy Research Day Poster. This poster won first place, Best Poster, for the Research Day on April 17, 2023. 

Progesterone Receptor DNA

Print of a progesterone receptor DNA macromolecule printed at HSLIC's 3D printer.

Progesterone receptor DNA macromolecule printed on HSLIC's 3D Printer in teal PLA with supports in water-soluble PVA. Printed by Alex Goss.

Screenshot from NIH 3D print exchange for the progesterone receptor dna

The source for this model was the NIH 3D Print Exchange.

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