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Reading Is Healthy Book Club Kits

Our health literacy book club kits are available for checkout to libraries and community organizations in New Mexico.

Reading Is Healthy Book Club Kits

Our health literacy book club kits are available for checkout to libraries and community organizations in New Mexico.

  • Choose from ten different book club titles, each covering a health and wellness topics of interest to New Mexicans
  • Use the navigation menu on this guide to explore available health and wellness topics
    • Find links to additional resources and programming ideas
    • Print health literacy brochures for use and distribution in your library
  • Schedule a kit for your library--find a link to the calendar under Browse All Kits or under individual topics

Reading is healthy! Different studies report that it improves memory, enhances empathy, and reduces stress. Reading also is a fundamental way to acquire knowledge, so it stands to reason that reading different health topics can help people make informed decisions about their own health and the health of their loved ones while reducing the stigma surrounding some diseases and health conditions.

~NNLM Reading Club

What is a Book Club Kit?

Book Club Kits include multiple copies of the same book and a list of discussion questions to help your book club get the conversation started. Our kits also include additional health literacy materials that can be used or distributed in your library.

How does this work?

  • Explore the available kits by topic using the navigation menu on this guide
  • Reserve a kit and we ship it to you
  • Lend the books to your book club readers
  • Meet with your book club and host a discussion using the provided discussion questions as a starting point
  • After an 8 week checkout period, gather the books and ship the kit back to us
  • Keep the health literacy handouts for distribution or use them as part of larger health literacy programming efforts in your library
  • Feel good knowing your book club has taken steps to improve health literacy by discussing health and wellness topics!

What's included?

  • 8 copies of the selected title
  • Discussion questions
  • Health literacy and topic handouts for use or distribution in your library

What else should I know?

  • Book Club Kits check out for a two month period
  • We will ship your reserved kit via UPS Ground on or before the first day of your booking--we do not ship on weekends
  • Book Club Kits may be returned via any shipping method
    • You are responsible for the costs of return shipping
    • Returning via Library Mail is okay
    • Must be mailed on or before the last day of your reservation
  • Up to two book club kits per library can be reserved at the same time

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