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Research Support Services for HSC

A guide for HSC researchers to learn about where to go for support, and how the library's services are embedded within the broader research lifecycle.


A budget is a detailed statement outlining estimated project costs that support a sponsored project. It should include all Direct Costs, as well as the calculated Facilities and Administrative (F&A), costs required to carry out the project objectives. The proposal budget should be derived directly from the project description and serves as the financial expression of the project.

Remember that budgets should include considerations for Open Access article processing fees (if allowed by the funder) and other fees associated with long-term data management, storage, and preservation. 

The HSC Family & Community Medicine's Research Management Team are available to FCM faculty for assistance with budget development and will facilitate and create the creation of contract budgets to match the scope of work. They are also able to assist with F&A waivers and splits.

The School of Medicine's Department of Internal Medicine supports faculty and staff investigators in their Office of Research. The Office also provides administrative support to the department and the Clinical and Translational Science Center especially in the areas related to research. Among myriad services, they support investigators with constructing and formatting budgets for their projects.

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