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LibKey Information

What is LibKey Link?

LibKey Link is considered a discovery accelerator and works with library subscriptions to connect users directly to the full text of a journal article. It works with most browsers and is currently available in PubMed, EBSCO and Discovery.  See below for examples of how it works in each of these databases.


LibKey works with HSLIC's catalog in Discovery.  When viewing results, LibKey allows you to connect directly to the PDF of an article by clicking on the "View PDF" button.  If another format is available, the "view full text" button will appear.

EBSCO Databases

LibKey works within EBSCO databases such as Academic Search Complete and CINAHL. When viewing results, simply click on the "Find@UNM" button. 



LibKey works in Pubmed.  When viewing results, simply click on the "Find@UNM" button.



Find@UNM Button

image of find at unm button

After clicking on the "Find@UNM" button, you will be taken to the LibKey Link landing page with the following options:

1.  Download PDF

2.  Article Link (This will take you to the HTML of the article, may be the publisher's site either for open access or if subscribed by the library).

3. View article in context (This will take you to BrowZine to view the full issue of the journal for the option to explore other articles.)


Request via Interlibrary Loan

If we do not have access to an article you will be taken to this page and you will be given the option to "Request It"