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Open Access Publishing

UNM Publisher Agreements for OA

This page provides detailed information about the agreements that the UNM Health Sciences Library & Informatics center and University Libraries have negotiated with various publishers, specifically designed to benefit researchers, students, and faculty members.

These agreements are known as 'Read and Publish' or 'Transformative Agreements.' Under these agreements, researchers, students, and faculty can access a wide range of journal articles and publications (Read) and are also offered the opportunity to publish their own research in these journals, with no additional costs (Publish).

These agreements are part of a larger movement towards open access, aiming to make scientific research more accessible and fostering a more collaborative academic environment. Each publisher listed here has an agreement with libraries at UNM. This page will guide you through the specifics of what is available to you in terms of publishing opportunities under each agreement.

Cambridge University Press

Company of Biologists

BMJ Case Reports