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Using Filters

Filters can be used to narrow down your search to the specific dates, article type, or population that you are researching. Find filters next to your search results in PubMed.

An image that highlights the filters in PubMed. These are located on the left hand side of your search results in the database and incude "Article types," "Text availability," Publication Dates," and more.

Click on the Additional Filters option under the list of filter options. From there, click on the filter category you need to edit and make the necessary changes.

Image displaying that when you click on "Additional Filters" in the PubMed filters you can see additional options to select.

This will also show you more filter options, like age and sex.

MeSH (Medical Subject Headings)

MeSH is the U.S. National Library of Medicine's controlled vocabulary that are used to index articles. MeSH offers a uniform and consistent way for the literature to be organized as being about a specific subject and therefore allows you to search with precision, pulling together articles on those concepts.

Using the MeSH browser feature of PubMed helps you to translate your term into the vocabulary of the database before you even begin your search. For example, the entry term: "aids" gets translated to Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome [MeSH]

There are 3 ways to find MeSH

1. On the Library homepage, under PubMed, click on MeSH Database to be taken to it and search it (similar to a thesaurus).

Image of "MeSH database" highlighted on the Library homepage

2. In an article that has MeSH listed, scroll towards the bottom of the record to find the MeSH and be able to apply it to your search.

Image of MeSH highlighted at the bottom of a PubMed record

3. On the PubMed homepage click on MeSH Database under Explore.

Image of the Explore section on PubMed homepage with MeSH listed underneath

Icon of a checkmarkQuick Tip: It takes time to apply MeSH terms to articles, so keep in mind when you run a search for a MeSH term the very latest articles might not appear in the results. Need an article from this month? Try searching the MeSH term but as a keyword.

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