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Accessing Full Text

Not sure how to gain access to the Full Text of an item? See our Finding Full Text Guide for more information (including step-by-step instructions for our catalog and databases like PubMed & CINAHL).

Saving Your Search Strategy

Keep track of the work you have done, including filters applied, by saving your search.

You can save your search by clicking on "Advanced" underneath the PubMed search bar

An image displaying the search bar in PubMed with the "Advanced" option  under the search bar pointed out.

On this Advanced page your search history listed and you can save that by clicking on "Download History"
An image displaying the search history in PubMed with the "Download  History" option pointed out.

Quick Tip: You can also use the advanced setting to go back to any searches you've done during this session, so don't be afraid to search forward and then utilize this tool to go back if you forgot earlier searches.

Send to Clipboard

The Clipboard tool lets you add articles / results that you would like to keep track of in one place. Much like a shopping cart in an online store, this feature allows you to add articles to your Clipboard, go to all of those results, and then export them. To find the Clipboard go to the ellipses on your search results or in a record.

Screenshot of the "Clipboard" option selected in the PubMed dropdown.


The contents of the Clipboard will be deleted after 8 hours of inactivity, so make sure you go through the step of exporting the results.

My NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information)

My NCBI is a personalized account that works with National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) databases, like PubMed. 

Setting up a My NCBI account allows you to:
  • Save searches & automatic e-mail alerts
  • Display format preferences
  • Filter options
  • Highlight search terms
  • Saves recent activity searches & records for 6 months
  • Use My Bibliography to save your own citations and manage your compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy

Icon of a checkmark.Quick Tip: You can either create a My NCBI account, or login with your eRA Commons account or a Google account.  If you have an eRA Commons account, you should use that login to create your NCBI account.

What is a Citation Management Tool?

Image displaying icons for download, file, and checking off a paper (or references in a paper).

Citation management tools allow you to store your resources and research in one place, no matter where you got them from. In addition to being a way to keep track of your research they will also generate citations for you in the style that you specify.

Icon of a checkmark.Quick Tip: Citation management tools are a great way to stay organized while you research and save you time and energy when creating citations.

Find out more about citation management tools, including access to open source (free) options, and how to use them on our guide

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