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Anatomage Table

This LibGuide provides information about HSLIC's Virtual Anatomy Table manufactured by Anatomage.

Anatomage Table

Located in the 3rd Floor Collaboratorium during our 2024 renovation work, HSLIC's virtual anatomy table provides users with a chance to practice anatomy using an intuitive touchscreen. You can view, manipulate, and dissect cadavers in 3D, viewing from different angles and depths. Take a look at the video below for basic information about the Anatomage Virtual Reality Table. 

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Feel free to make a copy or re-use this page as long as you credit UNM HSLIC.

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This guide was created by a Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center staff member and is licensed by the Health Science Library and Informatics Center of the University of New Mexico under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-Share Alike 4.0 International License. 


For any images created, exported, or rendered in use of the Anatomage Virtual Anatomy Table, please contact Anatomage for credit and/or licensing information.