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Anatomage Table

This LibGuide provides information about HSLIC's Virtual Anatomy Table manufactured by Anatomage.

Tips for Using the Anatomage Table

  • If the Virtual Anatomy Table is in sleep mode, tap on the screen and wait for it to power on. Swipe up on the screen for the "sign in" button. Open the app for the Table by clicking on the shortcut on the far left side.
  • HSLIC staff are here to assist you with the Virtual Anatomy Table. The Table is very intuitive, so feel free to tap around the display.
  • Next to the Virtual Anatomy Table, you will find a laminated guide to the menu icons.
  • Please avoid setting any food or drinks on the Virtual Anatomy Table.
  • For a wide variety of tutorials, case studies and webinars, visit Anatomage's YouTube Channel.
  • For a full selection of documentation from Anatomage, consult the Table 8 Training Resources in

Selected Features of the Anatomage Table

  • Real human anatomy in a life-size scale
  • All-in-one, touch-interactive display system
  • Clean, safe, reusable technology
  • Classroom and lab integration
  • Accurate gross anatomy, segmentation models, and the ability to upload countless new scans
  • Quiz mode to visually test your knowledge
  • Animal case models

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For any images created, exported, or rendered in use of the Anatomage Virtual Anatomy Table, please contact Anatomage for credit and/or licensing information.