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Board Review & Test Prep Resources at HSLIC

Use this guide to find resources to help you prepare for board exams and other tests

Evaluating Online Test Prep Resources

Many students will use resources like Reddit and Google searches to find low cost or free test prep materials. This is a great way to find exactly what you need! You just need to be aware of how to evaluate the resources you find. There are a lot of test prep resources that might not actually be created by experts in the field. Some things to consider when reviewing what you find through advice and online sources is:

  • Who wrote the material? 
    • Any legitimate test prep resource will be giving you information about the organization and/or writers for the organization. If you can't find an about page at least then that is a good sign to move to another option. 
  • Where is the works cited? Who are they citing? 
    • If there aren't resources being linked to or discussed on these pages then there is a high probability that the materials are not adhering to requirements of your program.
    • If the citations do not take you to academic or scholarly sources then it might be best to try another source. 
  • Other more in depth information on how to evaluate sources, including websites and organizations, can be found on the Evaluating Specific Types of Resources page of our Evaluating Resources Guide. 

Anxiety and Tests

Anxiety before an exam is common and something that most students grapple with. This page will help you understand the signs of test anxiety and work to manage them. In addition there are resources to assist with wellness techniques and overviews of how to prepare for a test. 

Tips from the Princeton Review

Resources to Help with Test Anxiety

One suggestion for test anxiety is to set aside time before and after tests for meditation, calm, or any activity that helps you with your stress. Remember that the Wellness Room on the 3rd floor of the Health Sciences Library is a resource you can take advantage of for this. 

Accessibility Resource Center (ARC)

Think you might need an accommodation for test taking? It's a common need and we have an office for that! Be sure to reach out to the Accommodation Specialist at HSC to get your needs met.

Accommodation Specialist : Kelly Cano Martinez (she/hers)

ARC Office : 505-277-3506

Pre-Health Students

Are you looking to apply to a program in the health sciences at UNM? Our Communities to Careers programs at HSC DEI offers Test Prep for MCAT, GRE, DAT. The program is free and provides a stipend.