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Wellness Resources

This guide is intended to help students, staff, faculty, and practitioners at UNM connect with wellness resources and best practices to help avoid burnout in conjunction with their work and research.

Wellness Guide

Some people might not know that part of being an efficient researcher, student, employee, or practitioner is knowing when to take a break or a breather, but it is. Understanding how to build wellness into your work is important for your own well being but it is also vital to know that this work should not be yours alone. While systems and structures in our society should be changed to accommodate a more robust work/life balance, and there are people doing that work now, we still want to make sure you have resources to help assist you in finding some harmony. That is why, in collaboration with the UNM SOM Office of Physician and Student Wellness, we have put together a guide to help you find resources for building wellness into your everyday.

Apps for Mindfulness

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Click the image to be taken to "Finding your focus: meditations for exams and presentations."

Albuquerque Area Resources

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Student Success & Engagement Librarian

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