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Wellness Resources

This guide is intended to help students, staff, faculty, and practitioners at UNM connect with wellness resources and best practices to help avoid burnout in conjunction with their work and research.

What is the Wellness Room?

Wellness is crucial to academic success. With that in mind Room 316 in the Health Sciences Library has been set up to be a space to take a break, meditate, pray, decompress, remove yourself from stimulants, and more.

  • You do not need a reservation to use the room. There is a sign on the door that can be flipped to vacant or in use.

Guidelines for using the space

  • For your privacy, use the occupied sign on the door and switch it to vacant when finished
  • Feel free to use any of the supplies but please leave them in the room
  • Be considerate of others' need for time in the space
  • Please keep the space tidy: place items back in baskets, throw away trash, and wipe surfaces if needed. 
  • Please understand this is a room to take a break and not a study room. To book a study room please use our reservation page
  • For any issues with your visit or if you have any feedback/suggestions please contact: Varina Kosovich

Resources Available in the Wellness Room

  • Buddha board
  • Coloring books
    • Colored pencils
    • Markers
  • Community journal
  • Convertible chair (this is a soft, low to the ground chair that can be unfolded to create a bed)
  • Weighted blanket and throw blankets
  • Handheld fidget/sensory toys
  • Lamp (color changing)
  • Meditation cushion and pillows
  • Noise cancelling sound and light machine
  • Prayer rug
  • Weighted plush
  • Yoga mat and blocks
  • Foam roller and massage peanut 
  • Height adjustable table on wheels 

The room is also stocked with hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes to clean frequently used items and surfaces.

Student Support Coordinator