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Troubleshooting Access

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Questions to ask if you're having trouble accessing the library's resources:

1. Which browser on you using?  
Some databases work better with one browser than another.  For example, if you normally use Chrome, try using Firefox and see if the problem is resolved.  You can also try to clear the cookies, cache, or history from the browser. Another possible solution is to upgrade the version of the browser you are running. 
If you use Safari or Internet Explorer and have difficulty accessing some databases, try using Firefox or Chrome.


2. Are you on or off campus?
If you're off campus, did you login?  Did the login screen look the same as usual? What login credentials did you use?

You may have logged in to your library account using your Banner ID.

HSLIC Library account sign in


Or you may have used your HSC or UNM NetID and logged in to the proxy server.

UNM Proxy server sign in page

Knowing which account you logged in to will help us figure out the access problem.


3. Did you start your search from the library's homepage?

Starting your session here and logging in when prompted are a good way to ensure access later in your research.


4. Are you using an app?

Information about the apps available via the library are on the Mobile Apps guide.  Some of your questions may be answered by the information on the guide.  However, if your question remains or access is still a problem, please give us a call.


We're here to help

If you can send screenshots of the errors and/ or a link from the library's catalog it will help us in diagnosing the problem. Send email to We reply to emails Monday- Friday from 9a.m.-5 p.m. 
You are also welcome to call the library and receive support over the phone (505)272-2311.  This number is answered during the library's open hours. 

Expert Help

If you're running into broken links or experience access issues we are here to help.

Call (505)272-2311 or

The email inbox is monitored throughout the working day.  The phone is answered during the library's open hours.