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All of Us Research-HSC

Workbench Overview

From the NIH All of Us site: The Researcher Workbench is a cloud-based platform where registered researchers can access Registered and Controlled Tier data. Its powerful tools support data analysis and collaboration. Integrated help and educational resources are provided through the Workbench User Support Hub.

  • Workspaces - Organizing research projects, collaboration. Registered researchers use workspaces to access, store, and analyze data for specific research projects. Workspaces are collaborative and can be shared among other registered researchers within a project team.
  • Dataset Builder - Pre-populated analysis, dataset previews. The Dataset Builder allows researchers to search and save collections of health information about cohorts, called concept sets. Researchers can search and save concepts from a particular domain and use them in the Dataset Builder.
  • Notebooks - Analysis, queries. Researchers with R or Python experience can perform high-powered queries and analysis within the All of Us datasets using our integrated, cloud-based Jupyter Notebook environment.
  • Cohort Builder - cohort creation. The Cohort Builder is a custom, point-and-click tool that allows researchers to create, review, and annotate groups of participant data, or cohorts, within the All of Us dataset.
  • User Support Hub - Learning, support, guides. The User Support Hub contains a variety of resources that demonstrate how to use our tools and navigate the data within the Researcher Workbench. Training materials, FAQs, video tutorials, guides, and a designated help desk are available to assist researchers in their Workbench activities.