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HSLIC Renovation 2024: Home

Collects 3D renderings and information about the upcoming entry level renovation.

Construction Timeline

December 2023-January 2024: preliminary preparation, move entry level furniture   

February-November: primary construction with demolition and installation of carpet, tile, the new service desk, and kitchenette.


As of April 2024, the construction crew has: 

  • Demolished the main study area on the 2nd floor
  • Demolished the old library service desk and panel facades in the lobby 
  • Removed the ceiling in the hallways 
  • Prepared the wing where the kitchenette will be built 

Follow the library's blog for updates and photos! (type "renovation" in the blog search bar) 


The entry level renovation is funded as part of the 2024 capital outlay from the State of New Mexico. 


The library's entry level (2nd floor) will be closed for most of 2024 for a much-needed refresh! There is a lot of work to do, but we are excited to share a glimpse of what the floor will look like after construction. 


On each page of the guide, use the arrows to scroll through the design renderings.


Quiet Study Information

The middle (3rd floor) and top floor (4th floor) of the library will remain open. Study rooms and library services will be available. Construction will typically take place from 8am-5pm Monday through Friday, so here are some tips for seeking out quiet study options: 

  • The library has free earplugs at the Service Desk and at the Wellness Corner 
  • Use your HSC ID to take advantage of 24/7 library access to study before 8am or after 5pm 
  • Use the quiet spaces on the top floor (4th floor) of the library. It may be quieter than the third floor
  • Need a break from the noise? Use the library's Wellness Room or Nap Pods (no reservations required)

Where to get help during construction

Temporary middle floor layout

The library Service Desk will be located on the middle floor (3rd floor) of the library during construction (the yellow square in the layout plans). Dry erase markers, chargers/adapters, sports equipment, and VR headsets will still be available for checkout and staff will be available for any questions. Wepa printers and some student computing will also move to the middle floor of the library. Library technology like the 3D printer and anatomy table will also be on the middle floor and available for use.