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Mendeley Reference & Citation Management

Use Mendeley to collect, manage and cite your research resources, create collections for research projects, share your data with your collaborators, and generate bibliographies.

Create a Folder

There are two ways to create folders in Mendeley Desktop. You can click on the Create Folder option at the bottom of your library or you can click on the icon at the top of the Desktop component.

Image showing to create a folder by clicking on the folder with a plus sign at the top of your Mendeley library or by scrolling to the bottom of the left hand side panel and clicking on the text "create folder."

Add a subfolder:


  • Right click the origin folder
  • Select New Folder

Image showing that to add a subfolder you right click on an existing folder and select "New Folder" in the drop down that appears.


Create a Folder in Mendeley Online:

Image showing that to create a folder in Mendeley online you click Add at the top of the library and then select "Add Folder" from the dropdown.

Annotate a PDF

With Mendeley you can annotate* PDFs by adding highlights & text notes in the PDF.

In the Desktop:

An image highlighting the annotation features in Mendeley. These are located at the top of the PDF. They include select, highlight, and note.



An image showing what the annotation features look like online. They are on the top right of the document and include select, note, and highlight.



You can also keep general notes about the entire article to the right of the PDF view

An image showing the Notes field. It is after the Details tab in your Mendeley library.

*Note: While you can annotate PDFs in Mendeley this functions much like a sticker overlaid on a PDF. This means that while you will be able to export your notes out of Mendeley (with the PDF) your highlights will not be exported as they are not inherent to the PDF.

Favorite an Item

Keep track of useful or important resources by favoriting them. Just click the star next to the PDF icon.

Image showing how to favorite an item. It is a star to the left of the Mendeley library record that you can click to change to a filled in yellow star.

You can see all your favorites at once by clicking the Favorites option in your library.

Image showing the favorites in the Mendeley library toolbar. It is a star that says Favorites.

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