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Vote Safely during the Pandemic

by Jon Eldredge on 2020-09-22T10:25:00-06:00 | Comments


New Mexico offers several ways to vote in the upcoming November 3rd General Election. Options include voting absentee, early, or in person on Election Day. Early voting and voting in person on November 3rd allows you to ensure that your vote will be tabulated within 18 hours of Election Day.  Early or Election Day voters can maintain relatively low risks of contracting COVID-19 by keeping a social distance, wearing masks, and washing hands frequently. Voting absentee by mail offers less risk. The steps below will help guide your voting in New Mexico.


  • Scroll down and click on “Find my Registration and Election Information”
  • Fill out your information to search and confirm your registration.
  • Once you’ve confirmed your registration, proceed to the options below.
  • If not registered, then register to vote at this site. You must register to vote by October 6th to be eligible to vote in the November 3rd General Election.
  • Assess the varied risks of voting early, voting by mail, or voting on Election Day. These options are outlined below:


Voting Early:

Tuesday October 6th Early Voting begins in New Mexico. The Bernalillo County Clerk’s office manages this process here in Albuquerque. Consult their website for specific dates, hours and locations:  Early Voting ends on October 31st.

Voting on Election Day:

Voting in person on Election Day November 3rd might mean higher risk if it is crowded at your voting place. There are 70 places to vote in Albuquerque between 7am and 7pm on Election Day:

Absentee Ballots:

The New Mexico Secretary of State offers some variants of absentee voting. Every registered voter in New Mexico by now should have received an official application for an absentee ballot. One can request an absentee ballot online until October 20th, too. For options available for absentee voting, go to:   

Voters should understand the rules for absentee voting, including rules for how and when county clerks count absentee ballots during an election. The New Mexico Secretary of State’s website, as well as the websites of the county clerks around the state provide more information about this process. Bernalillo County offers several ways to deliver your absentee ballot:

Know Your Rights:

You have a number of rights connected with your voting. For example, you have the right to inspect a sample ballot before you vote. You also have a right to not be intimidated by others. Learn more at:

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