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Welcome Maxx Harrison!

by Jonathan Pringle on 2023-01-17T00:00:00-07:00 in New Mexico, History of Health | 0 Comments

HSLIC's Resources, Archives & Discovery (RAD) division is excited to welcome Maxx Harrison (they/them, he/him) to the team! They will be processing the Carrie Tingley Hospital Records (1937-1989), which is currently an unprocessed grouping of 12 boxes of textual documents highlighting the operations of the hospital over the course of several decades. In addition to highlighting the role that Carrie and Clyde Tingley played in the founding of the hospital, it will also emphasize the positive impact of Dr. William L. Minear, the hospital's medical director from 1947-1956. Maxx will be processing these records using the More Product, Less Process (MPLP) approach to making archival resources more expeditiously available. By the end of the project a detailed finding guide will be published through New Mexico Archives Online. Our thanks to HSLIC and its seed funding that will enable us to engage in this project, scheduled to be completed by the end of June. 

Now, let's get to know Maxx a little more...!

Current area of study: Double-majoring in American Sign Language and Psychology - in their sophomore year at UNM

Where is home?: Growing up, they split their time between Houston and Albuquerque, but since the pandemic Albuquerque has become a permanent home.

Cats or dogs?: Yes to both! But also add rats, mice, snails, and roli-polies. 

Connection to New Mexico History: Their grandfather's family has been in New Mexico since the Spanish inquisition; he was born and raised in the North Valley and has a lot of first-hand experience with its history. 

Interests: Thrifting, art (they do acrylic and watercolor painting!), and reading (currently re-reading the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series)

Where to next?: No idea, but they have had a really great experience working in the field of optometry, so who knows..?!

painting of a human heart with blue and purple flowers coming out of valves











Image courtesy of Maxx Harrison

Maxx will be working with us upwards of 20 hours a week in the RAD suite, so if you get a chance please swing by and say hello! 

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