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Why Recycling was not an Option

by Laura Hall on 2019-06-04T16:59:15-06:00 | Comments

​HSLIC is undergoing big changes over the next few months starting with the removal of the bound print journals from the library’s 3rd floor.  A portion of the bound journals are being relocated to our off-site storage, while other titles are being discarded.

HSLIC considered many alternatives for the removal of the bound journal collection including gifting the collection to other libraries, auctioning the journals for vendors to purchase, as well as recycling. With the exception of the Texas Joint Library Facility, none of these organizations or vendors were interested in the journals.

In today’s paper recycling market, the extra processing required to remove the journal binding is not cost effective for recyclers. For this reason, none of the local or regional paper recyclers would recycle the journals. 

While we know it is disconcerting to see the bound journals discarded, the information will not be lost.  Access to individual articles will be provided by other means. If you are interested in finding out more about the project, please see Making Room for Change or contact me with your questions.

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