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A major biomedical database that includes conference papers and extensive drug information

Creating An Account (Required for Saving, Emailing & Exporting)


From Embase (on the HSLIC database list) click Register in the top right corner of the screen.

Fill the required information and agree to the terms of service; click Register.

You will receive an email from Elsevier to confirm your account.  Follow their directions to log into your account.

Use the Login link in the top right corner of Embase each time you use Embase.

Saving Results and Sending to the Clipboard


To save individual articles while you search, click on the boxes next to the articles you want and then, at the top of the search results, click Add to Clipboard.

To see what you saved in the Clipboard, go to My Tools at the top right of the screen.

Accessing Full Text


Click on the Find@UNM button associated with the article. In most cases there will be options to Download PDF and an Article link. If full text is not available, you should see a page with a Request It button and HSLIC will order it from another library. Never pay for full text as long as you are affiliated with HSLIC.


Saving Your Search Strategy


On the Search Results page, click the box next to History, then click Save. You have the option to name the search and it will be saved in your account. Go to My Tools at the top of the page to retrieve it.

Setting Up Periodic Alerts


On the Results page, mouse over the search strategy you want to save and select Email alert.  There are options for format and frequency.

Emailing Results


After selecting the articles you want, or from the Clipboard, click Email at the top or bottom of the results screen. A pop-up should appear with your email address and blanks for the Subject, cc, and Comments.  Click Send.