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Zotero Reference & Citation Management

Use Zotero to collect, manage and cite your research resources, create collections for research projects, share your data with your collaborators, and generate bibliographies.

Creating a Group

Groups allow you to share citations and files with other people. To create a group you must be in Zotero Online. Groups can be accessed and added through the desktop component, but they cannot be created here.

Create a Group:

  • Login to your Zotero account online
  • Go to Groups and select "Create a New Group"
    Image of Zotero Groups in Zotero Online
  • You will be prompted to name the group and select membership type (Public Open, Public Closed, or Private)
  • Then you can begin inviting members

Zotero Group Types

There are three types of Zotero groups. 

Private Groups

  • Can only be seen by members and group will not appear publicly online
  • Group members must be invited to join
  • Group members can share files in addition to reference information

Public, Closed

  • Group appears publicly online
  • Users can only join by being invited or by requesting an invitation
  • Group members can share files in addition to reference information

Public, Open

  • Group appears publicly online
  • Anyone can join the group instantly without needing an invitation
  • Can only share reference information, not files

Inviting Members

After you create the group, you can invite members by clicking on "Manage Members."

Image of Manage Members in Zotero Online

Once in "Manage Members" you can "Send More Invitations" and/or "Update Roles of other members.

Image of Update Roles in Zotero Online

You add members by using the email address they signed up for Zotero with. Library/Group members will receive an email from

Once members join the group, they will need to sync their Zotero accounts before they see the group in their Zotero library.

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