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Community Faculty at the School of Medicine

This guide is intended to help Community Faculty better understand what resources the Library has to offer them and how to use and access them.


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As a Community Faculty member you have access to the Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center (HSLIC) educational use databases and other Library resources (like our team of librarians). In order to access these resources you will need to go through the Library links and login with your UNM HSC credentials. Use this guide to find out more about resources we have for you and how to use them. Click on the link below to see all HSLIC databases.

Useful Resources

What is a Citation Management Tool?

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Citation management tools allow you to store your resources and research in one place, no matter where you got them from. In addition to being a way to keep track of your research they will also generate citations for you in the style that you specify.

Icon of a checkmark.Quick Tip: Citation management tools are a great way to stay organized while you research and save you time and energy when creating citations.

Find out more about citation management tools, including access to open source (free) options, and how to use them on our guide

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