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SciENcv: Introduction to SciENcv

Research Support

The Research Support section displays a list of ongoing and completed research awards. NIH grantees who have linked their eRA accounts to My NCBI will have their SciENcv profile automatically populated with their research awards. These will appear under the eRA Commons tab.Check the boxes next to the awards you wish to appear in your final biosketch.

If you linked your ORCID account to My NCBI, your SciENcv profiles will have the research awards included in your ORCID record. These awards will appear under the ORCID tab. Check the boxes next to the awards you wish to appear in your final biosketch.

In addition, you have the option to add awards manually:

  1. To add an award, click on the User tab and select Add one.
  2. Enter your ongoing and completed research awards. Be sure to select the appropriate category in the Your Role drop-down menu.
  3. For multiple entries, click Save & add another entry. The research awards entered manually in SciENcv will be placed in the User tab.
  4. In SciENcv, you can selectively hide the research awards that you wish to omit from displaying in your profile. To hide citations, select Edit Awards, uncheck the awards you want to hide, and choose Done.Image displaying the eRA, ORCID, and User tabs under Research Support. The eRA and ORCID accounts will feed directly through these tabs and you can enter awards manually through the User tab.

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