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HSLIC 2024 Annual Recognition Award Winners!

by David Lucero on 2024-04-17T07:00:00-06:00 | 0 Comments

Congratulations to Wendell Billingsley, Jonathan Seyfried, and Robyn Gleasner, winners of HSLIC’s 2024 Annual Employee Recognition Awards!

Wendell Billingsley – Outstanding Performance

Wendell worked on numerous projects with UNM Facilities Management (FM) staff to keep the HSLIC building in order. From making sure badge readers and door closure mechanisms were in working order to updating building signage, Wendell is committed to keeping the HSLIC building accessible, safe, and in the best shape it can be. He is conscientious and listens to the needs of the people who use the building and the FM staff and vendors who maintain it. He helps out both HSLIC personnel and HSC CIO staff on their building issues, sometimes working after hours to address urgent problems. He enthusiastically takes on new projects and is eager to learn new things about facilities, emergency response, and project management. He even does some basic maintenance on his own, from time to time, to make sure everything in the building works.

His commitment and dedication to maintaining and improving spaces in the library, especially this year, has made it a better place to be in many different respects.

Jonathan Seyfried – Outstanding Customer Service

Jonathan has worked diligently and thoughtfully to implement and improve the process for students and faculty to access the library's technology. After the 3D printer was purchased, Jonathan figured out the workflow to allow students to reserve time with the printer and also developed a comprehensive LibGuide with all the pertinent information for someone to get started. This has made the process easy for beginners interested in 3D printing, the VR headsets, and the anatomy table. Not only has he developed the system for our users, but he has also trained the student employees in Public Services how to use and troubleshoot library technology. This has created an environment of learning, exploration, and creativity! Jonathan is also extremely helpful when asked about the technology; he has often dropped everything to help our users get started. At every technology addition, he has adapted quickly to learn the ins and outs and then to teach others what he has learned. He is a warm and patient person who makes our technology accessible. Kudos!

Robyn Gleasner – Outstanding Project

Robyn has done exemplary work updating the HSLIC Collections Development Policy. Robyn's inclusive and thoughtful approach ensured everyone had a chance to participate, and she actively listened to comments that were shared during meetings. Her keen attention to detail was foundational to the success of this project. The policy was updated to reflect new HSC programs/endeavors (such as medical humanities), as well as incorporate new library trends. New additions to the policy included reconsideration procedures as well as clarification of responsibilities (who does what).

The updated HSLIC Collection Development Policy saves time and resources with its clear statements of scope, procedures, and explicit parameters that lead to efficient decisions and minimizes uniformed acquisitions.  

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