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Systematic Reviews

Conducting a Systematic Review, Systematic Review Services offered at HSLIC, Databases, Content Management Systems, Resources Used for Systematic Reviews, Systematic Review Software

Consulting Services Offered at HSLIC

  • Conduct a preliminary search to determine if a review or protocol on the same topic already exists
  • Help with formulating or refining the review question
  • Provide information on review steps
  • Recommend databases and resources to search
  • Consult about search techniques and methods
  • Consult on setting up search alerts for new publications
  • Consult on citation management or review software
  • Recommend search methods for locating grey literature
  • Advise on additional methods for locating studies (eg, searching trial registries, hand searching, searching cited references)
  • Advise on how the search methods should be reported for transparency and reproducibility

Contacting a Faculty Librarian for a Consultation

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