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Virtual Reality

Quick Start for 3D Organon VR Anatomy on Oculus Quest 2

These instructions take you through a first-time experience using the Oculus Quest 2 system. 3D Organon offers several tutorial videos on their YouTube Channel.

  1. Put on the Headset
  • Take one of the VR headset covers, peel off the backing, and stick it on top of the area that makes contact with your face.
    • If you wear glasses, you can pull out the gray frame and replace it with the frame that has a foam cushion that accommodates glasses.
    • Your glasses might become tucked into the foam, but this is not a problem.
  • Put your hands through the wristbands.
  • Place the headset over your head.
  • Adjust the fit wheel at the back of the unit so that it sits firmly on your head.
  • You can move the lenses to increase image clarity.

  1. To turn on the unit, press and hold the small button on the right side of the headset.

  1. Set the Play Area
  • The first few prompts that appear in your vision will be the steps to set up the boundaries of the play area.
  • Follow the prompts to complete the steps necessary for setting up the floor and the four walls.
  • If you want to remain seated while using the Oculus, adjusting the height of the floor is an option that could improve the experience but this is not required.

  1. If you want a tutorial on using VR, click on the Apps button in the bottom toolbar and choose Installed Apps from the menu in the upper right corner. Select the First Steps app for a general VR tutorial (about 10 minutes of easy and fun VR activities).

  1. Click on the Apps button and then choose Installed Apps. Select the Organon app.

  1. User Tips for 3D Organon
  • The “Help” menu contains short animations that explain the features and navigation of the app.
  • Begin with “Regional” views when orienting yourself to the functions of the app.
  • To rotate the models, push the thumbstick in the direction you wish to move the model and then press the thumbstick to click it down.
  • When you use the trigger to select a component from within a model, you can move that component in 3D space.

  1. To exit the Organon app, press the “o” button located below the right thumbstick and then click on the “Quit” button using the trigger.

3D Organon Demo Video

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