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Virtual Reality

HSLIC Subscriptions

  • Vermillion: a VR painting simulation
    • After practicing basic navigation and brush strokes, the app helps you to paint on a simulated canvas.
    • While not explicitly meditation, the app provides an experience in mindfulness.
  • Nature Treks VR: take a walk "outside"
    • Choose from a variety of nature settings to take walk.
    • Settings include seasonal settings and even a trek during the Jurassic Era hanging out with dinosaurs.
  • Guided Meditation VR: very customizable meditation experiences
    • The meditations can be customized by length of meditation, including music or not, including voice of a guide or not
    • Locations include pure nature or human-made structures, and a variety of environments from lush to arid.
    • Other meditation experiences include a balloon ride, the solar system, and the northern lights.

Freemium Apps

  • Liminal: four meditation experiences per week are free
    • Includes both realistic and more abstract scenarios
    • The “Awe” category features experiences within large-scale abstract structures
  • Tripp: there is only one free demo, but that one demo can be repeated
    • Non-realistic, at times kaleidoscopic imagery
    • Features game-like meditation guidance
    • Spectacular use of VR for imagery and breath modulation
  • Maloka
    • Meditations take place on a virtual tropical island
    • Includes guided meditations, sound baths, and mindful movements

Recommended Content on the TV app

Open the TV app to access this VR content

  • The creator has created about a dozen VR meditation videos
  • In the Famous Cities video category, there are 5-minute tours of locations around the world, such as San Francisco, New Delhi, Angkor Wat, and Rome.
  • Put “nature” into the searchbox and you will see an assortment of nature videos on a large range of subjects, such as botany, sharks, and Greenland.

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